We customize our solutions to suit the needs of your business. We recognize the stakes related to your operations, and the need to include an established organization with agile yet well-defined processes and frameworks for project management.

Always available when you need us

Ganex has the technical and innovative expertise needed to implement the correct technology in the most challenging industrial and manufacturing frameworks.

Factory owners

We understand the value of maintaining and optimizing your production. Our many years of experience in multiple industrial sectors as ICT and OT specialist, we have built up a highly skilled team of engineers and technical specialists providing unique and innovative solutions, operations and maintenance services and monitoring of all type of plants

General Contractors

Being involved in the industrial sector for over 40 years Ganex has become the preferred choice of General contractors, Engineering Procurement construction (EPC) companies. We take pride in our outstanding record of designing solutions, deploying state of the art systems and project managing industrial projects of all scales in all regions on time and on budget.


Our tailored approach to all projects across multiple industries involves building a strong and early relationship with the engineering firms.  With specialists in SCADA, Cybersecurity, and ICT, Our unique expertise provides additional support and innovation in order to identify the optimum solutions for a reliable, secured and performing production asset.

SCADA industrial control systems for improved output

Ganex industrial and manufacturing SCADA systems help you minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.


At Ganex, we know that preventative and corrective maintenance is essential. We create, design and assemble solutions for your panel systems.

Networking and Industrial IT

We have the expertise needed to provide customized industrial IT solutions that can be monitored on-site or remotely for optimized production.   


We help you analyze risks and reduce your vulnerability to outside interventions that could potentially interrupt your overall production.

Control Center Services

We help you monitor overall operations and filter any alerts that occur outside of regular business hours and do not require immediate attention. We help public workers get an overview of your alarm infrastructure so as to properly determine whether or not certain conditions will trigger an alarm.

Data Management and Analytics

We help you modernize your database system and acquire valuable real-time data that leads to improved visibility over your entire operations.

Remote Monitoring and Operation

We provide management tools and support to help you monitor your operations closely and gain valuable insight into all aspects of your production.

Innovative solutions. Unparalleled support.

Trust us to offer what you need – nothing more, nothing less. We understand your reality and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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We are always ready to help you find innovative solutions to minimize risks and optimize your performance.

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