We are allowing you to harness the power of your asset data by efficientlyy implementing innovative and rigourous technology that delivers measurable results. Our expertise in the wind industry allows us to provide fail-safe systems.


Owners & Operators

We understand the value of maintaining and optimizing your asset. Our many years of experience in renewable energy as ICT and OT specialist of wind farms, we have built up a highly skilled team of engineers and technical specialists providing unique and innovative solutions, operations and maintenance services and monitoring of all type of Balance of Plant (BOP).

General Contractors

Being involved in the wind industry from its beginning Ganex has become the preferred choice of General contractors, Engineering Procurement construction (EPC) companies. We take pride in our outstanding record of designing solutions, deploying state of the art systems and project managing renewable energy projects of all scales in all regions on time and on budget.


Our tailored approach to all projects across multiple industries involves building a strong and early relationship with the engineering firms. With specialists in SCADA, Cybersecurity, and ICT, Our unique expertise provides additional support and innovation in order to identify the optimum solutions for a reliable, secured, performing and fully compliant asset.


SCADA Design & Deployment

Whether you need an operational update, a technological upgrade or a complete overhaul of your system, we excel at delivering control and information systems that integrate HMI (Human Machine Interface), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) platforms.

Whether it be for the purpose of a system upgrade or an end of warranty audit, our experienced team will allow for a full assessment of your system and guide you to take the best decision.

Extensive wind industry experience allows our team to design cost effective and efficient solutions to meet the requirements of your assets.

Ensure that you system is programmed and customized to suit the specific needs of your operational teams.

Systems are put through their paces fully stress tested to meet all of the required performance and end users’ expectations. Once complete the system is fully handed over to end user to ensure that we are operating as expected.

Pulling from extensive renewable energy experience our project management team can provide peace of mind ensuring all aspects of your ICT and controls scope are being taken care of and that the project runs smoothly.

Our Industrial IT and controls expertise ensure that your system will not only meet the controls requirements it will ensure that the communication level required is achieved.


We treat your network and server’s infrastructure with the utmost importance. We make your asset more efficient, effective and reactive to your needs. At Ganex, we understand these important needs and we work with you to create a solution that works for your unique operations.

We provide the single most effective way to reduce ICT expenses while boosting efficiency, Productivity and agility. Virtualization considerably reduces downtime and is an integral part of any Disaster recovery plan.

Beneficiate from our dedicated hosting service and outstanding technical support to ensure fast deployment, manage your ICT infrastructure and securely optimise performance.

We support the maintenance of your fast and reliable fibre optic connection in order to keep the running cost of your connexion low.

Take advantage of software improvements and advances, Software levelling will increase your asset performance while decreasing your vulnerability and your maintenance cost.

Our knowledge of the industry and its key network requirements ensure we protect your critical infrastructure and maintain the visibility of your asset. In addition, the safe and secured network we maintain guarantees you to decrease your operation cost with limited site visits and quality collected data.

Enhance the quality of collection and delivery of your historian database. We ensure the integrity of the data collected.

Asset Life Cycle Support

We support our clients across their complete asset life cycle. We are trusted partners for renewable energy developers and operators. We optimize the profit generated by your assets throughout their life cycle.

We are modernizing your wind generated energy ICT and OT infrastructure to enhance reliability, lower costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our qualified teams work with you to ensure you have the best people trained to operate and maintain your ICT and OT infrastructure.

We implement tailored set of tasks before failure occur to ensure long term asset value and performance

Our qualified 24 hour emergency response teams respond fast to restore your operations and maximize your production.

We take care of all ICT and automation needs of the wind farm Balance of Plant. From update to upgrade, Ganex has a solution.

We prepare an asset specific set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of your vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

We are securing the automated generation, transmission and distribution SCADA networks from cyber threats to improve Asset performance and resiliency. OT networks are increasingly connected to IT, which together with increased automation raises the ground for potential cyber attacks.

We fully understand all impact levels of NERC CIP compliance. We provide a complete gap analysis and advise on steps that should be taken to ensure requirements are successfully met.

Our team works closely with the security community to discover new vulnerabilities and provide insights into published vulnerabilities to help operators promptly detect them in their environment.

We develop intrusion tolerant systems with specific deployable applications preparing a system for deployment and supporting protocol assumptions in all environments.

Maximize the security of your asset and your employees while optimizing performance are few of the key advantages of our 24/7 monitoring service.

Our team of consultants addresses and analyses the conformity of all your renewable energy assets including recommendations related to its performance.

We support repowering initiatives and help harvesting all data in order to implement a strategy for a more efficient ICT and automation infrastructure.

24/7 Control Center

A scalable solution that can evolve along with your organization. As you continue to acquire new assets and grow as an organization, GONOCC system brings you the flexibility to adapt. Regardless if you are looking to control the Balance of Plant (BOP) or your whole wind operations.

We understand situational awareness. We consistently monitor. Through analytics we are able to communicate and act on situations to prevent cybersecurity risks and weather-related risks. 

We detect underperforming assets and act accordingly to allow optimum production. Our processes comprising IT process automation and our qualified personnel are interconnected allowing us to respond efficiently to multichain events.

Health and Safety standards are at the centre of our preoccupation. Our constant visibility of your assets allows you to deploy additional Human resources where it matters. We create a seamless emergency support and response in both English and French.

Implementing your standards create a synergy between the control center and the operations. You will see a noticeable and cost-effective improvement to your procedures.

Our well-constructed facility is staffed with well-trained personnel who are equipped with the most effective IT. We care, we respond fast, we make better decisions which will result in more revenues for you.

Available 24/7 365 days. Our qualified team is continuously trained. Independently of the size of your assets we offer a solution adapted to your human resource needs.

Data Solution Software

We Power Decisions that Matter. We understand that the process you use to make those decisions is as important than the analysis you put into the decision.

Our system is adaptive and flexible to your team requirements. It allows the adjustment of data-sources and data-views, giving all the tools you need to make the monitoring system feel truly yours.

We make role management and security seamless, with multi-factor authentication to manage view and edit privileges of users. We provide you with complete freedom to restrict sensitive data for certain users and roles.

We keep you near your assets, no matter the distance. Get updates and alarm notifications as soon as they happen, keeping you connected with your assets. Get weather information and use predictive weather patterns to coordinate work and effort ahead of time.

Bridge the gap between expectations and reality with our automated and extensible analysis tool that combines data, spot inefficiencies and provides a clear overview of assets on a larger scale.

Connect with authoritative systems and generate reports to automatically meet standards such as GADS by NERC, etc…

Access and Monitor your data from any web-capable device, whether it is a PC, tablet or mobile device. Our Multi-platform – cloud-based Monitoring system keeps you connected regardless where you are.

Innovative solutions. Unparalleled support.

Trust us to offer what you need – nothing more, nothing less. We understand your reality and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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